I have always thought I had a lot to say…

…and, until now, I was my best audience and reader.

But, I was always writing to readers outside myself. It is how I tried to stay honest and clear. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes, perhaps, it didn’t. But, by having a picture of my readers clearly in my mind, my audience existed separated from me only by time.

Since writing exists in a realm above and beyond time, I am able to read works created years, even centuries outside my time as fresh as the day the pen met the page. So, 40 years after I began, I continue to write for an audience I cannot see, but I know our paths will cross.

This is the magic of the written word. It is the tie that binds.

It is our immortality.

One Response to I have always thought I had a lot to say…

  1. Teresa M. Hunter says:

    Great opening. Well put. I am looking forward to reading the completed book, too.
    Teresa M. Hunter

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