There are countless individuals, groups and organizations offering suggestions about success and growing your wealth and your inner self.

All you have to do is join one group to discover how quickly you can be inundated with countless associated learning opportunities. Now, in the electronic age with email and the internet, the sale and dissemination of self-help courses, seminars and education is expanding at breakneck speed. Proven sales techniques have hundreds of gurus offering you every imaginable spin on increasing your wealth and improving your life.

You invest in one and very soon branch out with others.It doesn’t take long to find you can have more educational emails to read every day than you ever did junk mail!

It can become overwhelming to try to keep up with all that is offered to you.You can end up spending far more time learning how to manage your life than you actually spend managing it.

Your new biggest challenge becomes deciding how to filter the incoming flood so you can actually find the time again to work on your own life and assess and improve your own reality.

A big danger of all this learning is that it is easy to become so obsessed with it that it becomes and escape from your own situation, and while the answers being provided seem self-evident in the mood of the classroom, they are often inappropriate, untimely or difficult to understand in how to actually apply them to your own reality.

This can cause you to think you missed something or misunderstood something in the lesson and so you reapply yourself to the classroom with increased dedication and further neglect to act on your own situation.

Your situation degrades as a result of your neglect and you apply yourself to your gurus with even more determination, ever increasing the downward spiral.

This is not to say the knowledge being offered is not good, but the very nature of how much of it is available and the speed with which it can be delivered makes your biggest decision selecting and applying yourself to one mentor at a time. Especially, you should do so only to the degree that the majority of your time and attention is still dedicated to your own life.

Once you see how similar the basis of the knowledge being provided is between the many teachers and once you recognize that most of it is information that has been available for many decades by many authors, you are less likely to worry about what you might be missing if you don’t buy into them all.

Invest in one mentor that rings a bell with you and then close your wallet. If you find you keep spending or investing, as they say, you are on the wrong side of the equation.

Your investment in learning should be a never-ending process, but it should always be in balance with the amount of time you spend applying that knowledge to actually living your own life.

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