Beware of The Coast

“Act as if it were impossible to fail.”
– author unknown –

All of the courses, all of the reading, all of the listening does not actually put money in our pockets.

They are like an escape into a movie where we experience emotions that get us excited and make us feel good, but we must implement that knowledge in our everyday real lives outside the movie theater. We can’t just keep going to more movies more and more often to escape our reality or our reality will be neglected and eventually turn to ruin.

Once we leave the movie theater and return to our daily lives, we must see the truth and act on it. Failing finances is not a condemnation – ignoring them to indulge in a feel-good seminar is.

Before seminars and new wealth, we took initiative because we had no choice. Our seminars and knowledge do not excuse us from our needs or taking the same initiatives we did before seminars and before new wealth.

The seminars and knowledge are new tools to help us maximize the results when we take initiative. And, supposedly they should help us see our lives with new perspective. As Einstein said, you can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results.

Before new wealth we made sure we had at least the minimum of what we needed. We were actually more successful then than we are now as we coast on and use up what money we have.

We are supposedly learning how to attract and optimize wealth for our security, comfort and joy. Using money gives the illusion of success and material things are easy to come by because there is a reserve of wealth to use.

But real wealth comes from proper money management. Money managed properly will grow. Money just being used will continue to be available only until it is used up.

Even the wealthy are not free from the one imperative job they must face each and every day: proper money management.

By the proper management of an inheritance I was able to build wealth for my sister and my family. The choices I made involved restraint and action applied at the proper times based on the relative stages of our accomplishments.

The very real choices we had to make on our way up kept everything in flux and transition as it expanded. What we were able to let go of actually provided the means for tremendous growth. That growth was applied to higher standards of living.

There is a balance. There is equilibrium that must be maintained where the standard of living does not exceed the means to provide it.

Managing real estate was how we created the means. Once we determined to stop managing real estate we quickly hit a plateau. Once we hit a plateau it became more difficult to recognize and act on opportunities.

If real estate is no longer thee engine with which we expand our wealth, we must find another means to keep everything in movement as movement provides growth.

Stagnation and indecision are very expensive as life uses energy no matter what.

Spending can give the illusion of movement but if it is not in balance with growing, it is like a car trying to cross a vast desert on  a single tank of gas.

There is good money management:
Managing the balance between opportunity, income and spending.

And there is poor money management:
Using fuel without taking the initiative to replenish it.

Seminars and learning can only make suggestions for us to consider.
We must still observe our own situations and initiate real actions to grow.

One Response to Beware of The Coast

  1. Pammer says:

    Well said — well done — well lived — well loved!

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