Rick Frishman Interview

Anton and Rick Frishman

Anton & Rick Frishman

Anton Uhl

Telephone Interview with

Rick Frishman

Best Selling Author, Publisher & Speaker

Publicity and Publishing for Entrepreneurs & Businesses

February 4, 2010.

Note: I have included our introductory preamble because I felt it gave an insight into Rick’s grace and humanity, just as a line sketch can reveal much about an artist.


A: Hello, this is Anton.

R: Hey Anton. It’s Rick Frishman calling from the car. Just letting you know I’m on the way to a doctor’s appointment so I probably will have to call you back in a couple of hours. I just didn’t want you to think I forgot you.

A: I appreciate your consideration. I look forward to your call back. I hope everything’s OK with you at the doctor’s.

R: All is well. Just a check up, but I just wanted to let you know, alright?

A: OK. I’m prepared, and I only have 3 questions for you so it’ll be short.

R: Alright. Shoot. What are our questions. Let’s get as much of it done with it as we can.

A: Alright, I appreciate it.

R: OK.


A: You have worked with some of the most respected and powerful minds of our time. What is it that you know that gives you the humility to give your time to an, as yet, undiscovered author such as myself?

R: I know that, first of all, anybody and everybody can become famous and rich if they work and study and meet the right people and do what [successful] people do. I’ve worked with hundreds of people who are unknown and studied with all the greats and worked their butt off and then did it so, you gotta respect everybody, and you gotta love everybody and help them. You never know. And then some of the people, like Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield and Harv Ecker and Nicholas Sparks, just to name a few, I mean, when we started with them, no one knew who the hell they were. Your real character comes out when you treat everybody the same, whether they’re famous or not. And that’s with respect and realizing that everybody is a good person and [realize] what they are now and what they can be.

A: Rick, that’s terrific. You know, we had Jill St. John and R.J. Wagner on my cooking show day before yesterday and that’s exactly what we experienced. So wonderful what you’re saying. I felt that way in your presence at the Marketing Seminar.

Here’s my second question:

With access to so many great teachers these days, how can I ensure that our encounters will result in a mutual attraction and not a permanent turn-off?

R: I think the first thing is, when you’re reacting and dealing with people who are busy and well-known [you] understand that they have hundreds and hundreds of people every week calling after them, and typically, most people are users and manipulators and just try and get something from them. So, the main thing always is, go to them and say, “How can I help you?”  And mean it. Have a way that you can help them in some way. But don’t just go to them and ask them for something because, frankly, there’s no reason that they’re going to need to or want to help you unless it’s a win-win situation. And that’s with everybody.

So, understand that their time is valuable.

Secondly, talk in sound-bites. You have 30 seconds. If you can get your point across in 30 seconds, shut up and go away.

A: We’re down to my last question and you’ve already started answering it, and that is:

When someone like yourself gives me their valuable time and advice, how can I reciprocate and be of best value to them?

R: Again, you know, only when you’re on with someone, do the same thing and say, “How is it that I can help you or reciprocate or do something for you?” Usually, there won’t be anything, but the fact that you asked shows that you’re a mensch, which is yiddish for a good person,

A: I understand.

R: And then, you know, generally try to do something where, you know, post something on your blog, help them with what they’re doing. Let the world know that this person is genuine and has helped you and is a good person. Just spread the word. But, reality, you’re probably not gonna  be able to help the majority of those people but, at least try and do whatever you can because, you know, believe it or not, they check out Boom-Boom searches and other things and they see if you’ve posted something, that you’ve done something. Just do whatever you can, in anyway  you can, but realize probably you’re not going to be able to do that much that it is gonna make a difference for them, you know, that big of person. But that’s OK. Just try.

A: Well, Rick,  you sound to me just like you did when we met you in LA and I was so drawn to you because of your humanity, your humility and your brilliance so, thank you for your time today. I hope that everything’s OK at the doctor’s, that it goes well.

R: Thank you. All is well.

A: I look forward to seeing you in LA at the Author 101 in March.

R: Yes. Alright. You got it. Thank you, sir.

A: Drive safely. Be well.

R: OK.

A: Bye Bye.

Rick Frishman’s Website:


Rick’s Blog


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