Early Views

At age 14 the world is unfolding like a time-lapse film.

Childhood still makes up the larger part of how we see ourselves, but our bodies and minds are changing so rapidly that a few scrawls on paper are all we might remember of a time when our autonomy begins to reveal itself to us.

I kept a daily record for this very reason. Somehow I thought I may be interested in what the world looked like to me at that wonderful and peculiar time in life. I thought my son might be interested – a son not to be born until nearly 30 years later. But he was in my mind.

If we stop to decide what our audience will like or who they will be, we can go no further. The inertia of stopping is stopping. We write and paint and create in faith. When the song is true, it carries on the wind and finds ears on its own. We can only sing.

One Response to Early Views

  1. Teresa M. Hunter says:

    Wow, you’re really good!

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