In looking back, it’s odd to discover that, despite many costume changes, I am still the same person I was long before I gave myself to the world to be tortured and hailed as I walked, ran and crawled through the maze of The Life Experience.

One thing that has changed is the compulsion to experience everything in order to know anything. In the end, one horizon merely reveals another. Does the great experiment of life only serve to reveal that we have had what we needed and knew what we needed to know all along? Now, how do we remind our children?

Everyone is making up games and rules of their own as they go and everyone is trying to learn everyone else’s game which, ultimately, is impossible since it is being created on the fly. What hasn’t changed, is the inner voice of the universe that speaks to us in silence.

When we were children we didn’t think twice to listen to the voice within. As adults, sometimes we need to writhe in pain to the soul-shattering noise of the outer world until our eardrums rupture and in our new-found deafness we can hear once again.

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